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I am a brand strategist, a polymath and a positive thinker. I believe that every business deserves to get the best brand representation and make as much profit as they can envisage while satisfying their customers.
I’ve worked and partnered with reputable B2B and B2C companies worldwide, helping them increase their Returns On Investment by at least 150% with Brand Strategy, Product Design, Digital Marketing & Identity Branding among other services.
I hold this strong believe that everyone deserves to be known for what they do as long as they want to, and they don’t have to break their banks to do so. The online world is a large space with unlimited potential to be tapped & opportunities waiting to be harvested.
I hold certifications in Google Advertising, Google Analytics, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Contextual Design & Growth-driven Design among others.
I own hoverGENIE, a full-service growth-driven digital agency in Nigeria. Okunrin, a fashion brand made for men with positive vibes. I also co-own some really cool brands alongside some of the most amazing minds in their specific industries.
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With over 8 years of experience in user interface & user experience design, brand identity & print design, SEO, SEM, digital analytics, email marketing, social media marketing, digital & experiential strategy and the inbound marketing methodology altogether, I wield considerable experience in all these fields to be the who you need behind your business growth solutions.

I have taught design, digital marketing & strategy classes in Polaris Bank, Esso Properties, Desarrollar Group, hoverGENIE (remotely building a community of young designers & digital marketers, and helping SMEs with digital strategy during the COVID19 lockdown) & other companies.

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